New TAMON site is go!

Suzuki fans rejoice! Welcome to the new-look Australian Mighty boy Owners Network! Yes thats right, after many months of hard work in spare time, our internet saviour (and all-round top bloke) eDave has programmed the new site and it is up and running! I hope you all agree that it looks hella spiffy, and I’m amazed that it turned out looking pretty much exactly how I designed it. Big ups Dave!

Although the new site is live, I realise there is still much housekeeping to do, including:

– Complete existing and add new owner’s profiles

– Finish scanning and uploading more magazines

– Write and publish more useful guides

But I’ll tend to that over the coming weeks.

Anyway, the new website is hopefully just one step in improving TAMON – but I’ll save the rest for later. In the meantime just enjoy the site! If you check out the forum I’ll be asking for input into owners profiles to keep them up to date.

Adios amigos!


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