About Us

The Australian Mightyboy Owners Network [TAMON] is a website for Suzuki Mighty Boy owners and enthusiasts. It was created by owners, for owners, to give a starting point for people to access information about their utes, and a place for us to share our advice and opinions.

It all began in mid-2002, when a few enthusiastic MightyBoy owners started getting frustrated with the lack of information available on the internet. So we decided to do something about it by collating information from various sources, pooling our knowledge, and sharing it with other owners via this website.

TAMON is not a club as such. We have no president and no ranking order. Everyone has the same say as anybody else. We also cater for the owners who want more than just a website, we encourage those who want to form a closer knit group, and have BBQ days, cruises, and such.

The Suzuki MightyBoy has a great underground community in Australia, and we believe that it is only fitting that we show everyone else why they are so great, and just what potential they have with some creativity. Hence the unofficial slogan of this site: TAMON – “Visualising Potential”.

If you would like any more information, or have any comments or suggestions about TAMON, please get in contact with:

Brayden Dykes

email: XXX@tamon.org

icq: XXX

msn: XXX@hotmail.com