A new look for TAMON

Yes, as you can see, TAMON’s website has undergone a tranformation. This will hopefully overcome the issues the old site suffered with content and navigation. Plus the site looks a whole lot more spiffy and fresh – well at least I think so!

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to Dave for his help with creating the new site, his skills have been invaluable to getting it off the ground.

You will also notice that TAMON now has its very own web address – I’m happy to announce that this also means the website can only get bigger and better from here. There is now enough space to store larger galleries at higher quality, and even a spankin new media section that will grow as I gain access to more video clips and things.

At the moment you will notice that the site is missing some content, but I’m working on some fine tuning and adding more things each day. But enough about my problems, enjoy the all new improved TAMON site!!!

As always, if you have any comments or suggestions for the site, please speak up in the forum, or send an email to

Viva la MightyBoy!


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